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Terms & Conditions

Please kindly read the T&Cs before proceeding.
By purchasing with us indicates that you have agreed to comply with all the T&Cs.
*We reserve the rights to amend the T&Cs at anytime at our discretion.

Ordering Information

1) All orders are on first-confirm-first-serve basis.

2) Payment is required to be in within 24 hours after you have received an invoice from us. Items not paid within 24 hours, unless otherwise agreed upon, will be put up for sale thereafter.

3) For product clarifications, please state enquiries as the ‘Subject’ and include your questions and email in the ‘Message’ Section. We will reply you in the shortest time possible.

4) Please kindly inform us if you wish to give the item a pass. Do note that product clarifications are not considered as Order Confirmation. We will not set aside the item for you till we receive your Order Confirmation.

5) If the item status is under Pending, it means that we are waiting payment from other buyers. You can leave your confirmation and we will contact you should the item be made available.

6) For Backorders, please kindly note that it might be subjected to delay due to unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters, political disorders & material shortage etc at place of manufacturing. The suggested time frame serves only as a gauge to the waiting time provided by our supplier. By making a purchase for backorder items, it means you are agreeable to longer waiting time than advised in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Mailing of Item

1) All prices stated are non-negotiable and exclude postage fees unless otherwise stated.

2) MyQueenDome is not liable for any lost or damaged mails posted out via normal postage. We strongly encourage our customer to opt for registered mail.

3) Return address will be written on the back of each parcel to minimize the possibility of lost mail & to facilitate the return of uncollected mails.

4) In the event where uncollected Registered Mails are sent back to MyQueenDome, customer is required to pay for the 2nd postage in order for us to send the items to you again.

5) If any item is return to MyQueenDome because of whatsoever reason not caused by us, customer will have to bear the additional normal postage fee of $1.50 per item.

6) Local normal postage charges as below:-
• Apparel: SGD$1.50
• Accessories: SGD$1.00
• Bags & Shoes: SGD$2.50

For every subsequent item, there is an additional fee of SGD$0.50.

7) Registered mail is charged at an additional $2.50 on top of the item cost and normal postage
fees. For all registered mail, a unique tracking number will be given to you.

Wrong Item Received

1) For any wrong item that is sent to you, pls inform MyQueenDome immediately.

2) Please take note that the item must remain in its original state and it must not be worn or tried on. If the item is found to be worn, MyQueenDome reserves the right not to exchange for the correct item.

3) The item must be mailed back to MyQueenDome using the delivery method as stated by us. We will bear the cost of mailing the item back using the stipulated method.

4) In the event your item needs to be mailed back to us, the parcel has to be sent to the stipulated address or return address provided on the parcel. The parcel has to address to MyQueenDome. We will not be responsible or liable for the parcel in the event the parcel has been rejected due to the parcel not addressed to "MyQueenDome".

Exchange & Refund Policy

1) Measurements are provided to assist customers in making an informed judgement during their purchase decision making process. MyQueenDome welcomes all customers' queries. In the event where no questions are asked and a purchase is made, it means you have accepted and understood the product information provided by us.

2) Our reply to customers' enquiries only serves as a recommendation for customers in their purchase decision. Customers should exercise their own discretion as to whether item(s) are suitable for themselves. MyQueenDome will not accept request for exchanges when items do not fit.

3) All goods sold are non-refundable and non-exchangeable unless goods are defective. An exchange of item design will only be allowed if the defective item is out-of-stock. The item must be in brand new condition, not worn or washed.

4) If the item is sold out after payment is in, a full refund will be made within 24 hours.

Exchange/Refund must be made within 30 days from the date of purchase.
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